What is Sports Cards Buffet looking to consign for you? Anything, if you think it's worth selling then let me sell it for you. From low end to high end, prospects to vintage, raw to graded. I will sell any cards that you are looking to cash in on, even gaming and entertainment cards as well as authenticated memorabilia. No need to deal with the hassles of selling online, that's what I'm here for!

Single cards, player lots or even complete sets. No order is to large for us to handle.

* Please note that all orders must be received in an organized fashion, ready for the listing process. This means that sets are received in numerical order (with any missing cards noted). Or if sending in various player lots that all players are grouped together properly. If any basic organization of 100+ cards is needed there will be a $8/hr handling fee. I am a very quick organizer but these things still take time.

Consignment rates reflect the difference in time & effort required to properly list all of your cards in a professional manner. Also all fees (ebay/paypal) are covered by my rates except for any auction reserve fees you apply. Rates are charged on a per listing basis. Large bulk orders may allow for different rates, please contact me for more info if you have a bulk order (50+ cards).

Become a repeat customer to get some extra perks as well as better rates!

How To Ship Your Cards
Make sure your cards are protected first. All cards should be in penny sleeves and top loaders for maximum protection. I would advise using team bags over the top loader. Place your cards securely into an appropriate box or padded mailer. Make sure all cards are shipped tightly together to prevent any damage while in transit. Always ship your cards to me with signature confirmation. If your package is of high value please add proper insurance. Do not hesitate to contact me to get my opinion on your shipment.

Please contact me for shipping address as we have just relocated to a new office.

I will confirm via e-mail when your package arrives. I will also do a personal mail day video showing your package being opened and the contents inside. This video is for insurance purposes for both parties.

Once your card(s) have been sold and all paid for, your payment can be received as early as 2 business days.

I can send payment via personal check, which you should receive about one week after I send it. Or I can send it via Paypal with no fees to you.

I look forward to your business & satisfaction with my service!

Contact me with any questions or to discuss Consignment"

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